The 3 Best Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains are becoming more and more popular these days.

If you’re throwing a party or special occasion, your guests will be totally impressed when you pull out one of these.

They’re fun for birthday parties, but also a great idea for baby showers, anniversary celebrations, or work gatherings.

The options are really endless with what you can use these fountains for: fruit, marshmallows, cookies and so on.

Rather than list 10 different options for you to choose, we have reviewed 3 of the best chocolate fountains which will meet most people’s needs.

Top 3 Chocolate Fountains

1. Sephra

Sephra Chocolate FountainOur top pick is a fountain from Sephra.

We rate this particular model very well based on all the positive customer reviews online, and for the quality of the product. If you want the best, this is it.

It’s more expensive than some other options, however based on our tests we feel it’s a better product. One main factor is that you don’t need to pre melt chocolate outside of the unit. You can pour chocolate chips directly into the base.

It comes in two sizes (16 – 18 inches) and all the parts are safe to be used in the washing machine. The fountain is very quiet and the stainless steel construction helps to melt the chocolate in a consistent manner.

The heated basin makes it easy for heating the chocolate in the unit itself, rather than having to transfer it which can be a mess. All you need to do is add a few bags of chocolate and you’re all set.

This fountain has received some of the best consumer ratings, however it is slightly more expensive than the other choices.

2. Wilton

Wilton Chocolate FountainMany people swear by these Wilton chocolate fountains.

The parts are dishwasher friendly, and this product can hold up to 4 pounds of chocolate (same as Sephra).

Seting it up and using the fountain is very easy. Simply add the chocolate and preheat it in the unit. When you’re ready to party, turn on the flow setting and you’re ready to go.

Many consumers have been very happy with these fountains from Wilton. Whether it’s for kids parties or baby showers, many people have used these at their parties with great success.

Many people find that it will take around 20 minutes to melt 4 pounds of chocolate, and they’ve reported that the unit ran for 6 hours with no issues.

If you want to save a bit of money but still get a quality fountain, go with this model.

3. Nostalgia

Nostalgia Chocolate FountainThe other main player in this category is Nostalgia.

This particular model is great for smaller gatherings, as its capacity is 2 pounds, as opposed to 4 pounds with the recommendations above.

So if you’re having a smaller gathering, this is a good option. It’s very easy to use and set up. Keep in mind you will need to pre melt your chocolate with this unit.

It’s less expensive than the other models, however it is slightly noisier, and requires you to melt the chocolate separately. If you want a super quiet fountain, consider the first recommendation.


With all these fountains, it’s important to follow the directions for the best results.

You don’t want to add too much chocolate, or start the fountain without having melted the chocolate first.

And it’s always recommended to clean up right after using it. If you let it set overnight, you’ll have a hard time getting all the chocolate off after it settles. Do not rinse the melted chocolate down your sink either!

Bottom line, so many people found these to be a ton of fun. Everyone will be talking about your party for weeks.