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Chocolate Stress Relief

It's once again been a long while since I last posted. The long and short of it is that the last two years have carried a lot of job-related stress that left me having little desire to do anything when I got home from work. So I would come home, take care of the rabbit, eat chocolate and vegetate.

Recently things were looking up and I was feeling a bit more positive and confident with regards to the future and was getting geared up to start posting again. And then I get informed that my position has been eliminated. Lovely.

So now I find myself between jobs with spare time on my hands (I can't focus on the job hunt ten hours a day - I'd go insane) and a wealth of chocolate all around me. And oh how that chocolate helps matters. I'm a bundle of stress and anxiety right now, but a tiny piece of chocolate can just dissolve the stress and improve my mood and outlook. I think the important thing will be keeping it down to eating just a tiny piece of chocolate. I don't want to start gorging myself on chocolate in the name of stress relief. It's all down to the thing I've been saying for years - you get every bit as much flavor and joy from a small bite of chocolate as you do from a big one.

So, as I deal with the stress of job-hunting (something I've never really had to do) I'm going to be nibbling on some chocolate and once again sharing my thoughts. It'll be a nice way to break up the day.



kat Said:

nice to see you posting! hope you'll find something soon :)

Pam Walter Said:

Welcome back, although I'm sorry for the reason. Hope the job hunt goes well.

Ofelia Oberholtzer Said:

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Jasmine Said:

That is too bad to hear that. I got job and it does not free me from stress. Actually got plenty of them. From work, from home, from friend, a lot to mention. But not like you where you found help with the chocolate bars. Actually there is some other ways to relieve stress. One of my stress remover is Yoga and jogging. Aside from the fact that it keeps me fit since it will burn fat, I am also fine mentally, and physically.


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The Chocolate Canvas Said:

I see you haven't posted in awhile. This is a great blog and I do hope you'll return soon with new posts!

Lori Said:

I just read another blog that referred to chocolate as a stress reliever also. Personally, I find it also helps with PMS! So in reality it can be a mood changer. Hope to see more posts soon.

Arribanoir Said:

Awesome chocolate blog...I really loved it

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