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Summer Slump

Well, it's summer again and my tastes are wandering far afield from the chocolate that tends to hold their attention. As the days grow longer and hotter my mind turns to assorted other flavors like pistachio, apple, cherry, and citrus-y stuff. Last weekend I had a blondie and an apple marzipan square from the Suisse Shop and some Pistachio with Honey ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (also tried their Kona Stout which is very tasty and right up my alley), but, aside from a tiny piece Friday night, no chocolate. This weekend I had a little chocolate birthday cake (from Resch's Bakery - a Columbus classic) and a bit of Black Raspberry Chip ice cream from Graeter’s, but neither of those really count. In general I'm roving far afield as a restless need for distraction from the anxiety of the day-to-day takes over. I think I have been for a while now. I've got a bucketful of anxiety going on and I want to occupy my time and mind with something diverting and distracting (or entertaining and engaging). With so much anxiety tied up in everyday life I send my mind and taste buds off on little excursions and expeditions by expanding my interests into wine and craft beer. And, of course I try and spin that into pairings with chocolate (largely successful with beer and enormously unsuccessful with wine so far – more on that soon). I'm cooking a lot more as well and having fun taking recipes for things I want to eat and stripping as much sodium from them as possible. I've started cooking different foods than I've ever tried and it's a great deal of fun. I do so love experimenting in the kitchen. On top of the general kitchen tinkering I'm thinking that I'm going to go out to a couple of the you-pick farms in the area and buy a bunch of stuff and try canning. I figure that since I can't grow my own (due to the condo and an amazing ability to kill plants which has somehow not managed to claim my flowers this year) the next best bet is to buy a bushel of fresh stuff from somebody else's field and reducing it into other stuff. I'm really wanting to make my own spaghetti sauce, salsa and hot sauce but will be happy to stray into fruit preserves and jams and stuff. Just for fun. It's something new and different (ooh, broke pattern there - how about new and nifty or delightful and different) and probably a lot cheaper than actually traveling somewhere (which is what I'd like to do). It's a diverting distraction or something.

But the general gist is that chocolate is getting ignored somewhat in favor of other stuff. I hate to say that I'm bored with chocolate, but I can say I'm bored and frustrated with a lot of things lately. Can't seem to find any movies that can catch my attention successfully (I am hopeful about one movie, though). No new or recent games have me too very interested (in fact I've gone back to Final Fantasy VII since I can now play it on the PSP - much yay). I'm having trouble finding books that I want to read (or rather I don’t feel like reading any of the books I want to read) and every time I try to write anything I either hate the voice I'm writing in or I'm writing something less familiar and utterly unplotted and, thus, frustrating. And chocolate is largely an afterthought.

So I’m sort of wandering as summer and stress take over. I’ve got some things going on chocolate-wise, but summer is difficult for me because I can’t order things without paying out the nose for quick shipping and dry ice. And I just feel like having something different. So I’ve got some more thoughtful things I’m working on as opposed to stuffing my face with chocolate and talking about it (like normal). So there is stuff in the works and there is at least one sort of non-review going up tomorrow. I’m just a little distracted from chocolate of late.


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