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Charles Chocolates 4th Anniversary

This Wednesday, October the first, marks the fourth anniversary of the opening of Charles Chocolates! It's hard to believe that as big and polished as they are they're only four years old.

But birthdays and annivarsaries pass all the time and I don't post word one on them. For me to actually bring it up on the site it's got to offer some benefit for my readers even for one of the companies I like to cheerlead for. Having said that it should be no surprise that they are having a nice set of specials this week - Monday to Friday only - to celebrate! And the deals are good online or in-store.

  • Spend over $40 and receive a free jar of their handmade marmalade

  • Spend over $80 and receive a free jar of their handmade marmalade and two homemade s'mores

  • Place ANY ORDER on their birthday, Wednesday, October 1, and receive a "special present" (mysterious!)

So, now that October has rolled around and the weather has cooled enough that shipping chocolate isn't such a dicey proposition it's a really good opportunity to try some of the wonderful goods they offer. I'm a big fan of their Tea Collection, but everything I've been lucky enough to try has been great. So help celebrate and treat yourself or someone special to some fantastic chocolate!

Charles Chocolates Online Store

Happy Birthday Chuck and Company!