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July 27, 2008

Review: York Peppermint Wafer Bars

Ok, more mystery health fun. Still bothering me on and off, but I'm tired of it being such a distraction. So it's review time!

This won't be a huge review because there isn't a whole ton to say. The York Peppermint Wafer Bars (in the 100 calorie packaging) are really simple little critters. There is a layer of York stuff between chocolate sugar wafery type wafers and the whole thing is covered in chocolate. There are two reasonable sized sticks per 100 calorie packet and seven packets to the box. They've been on sale at $2.50 per box since I've started buying them so that works out to about $.36 per serving which is pretty good if you look at a KitKat which is twice as much candy for somewhere in the neighborhood of twice the price.

So that's all well and good, but none of it matters if the product isn't great. Luckily these are just excellent. The wafer has that nice sugar wafer crunch and the mint stuff is properly Yorky and the chocolate is, well, candy-grade chocolate (Hershey's - can't have everything I guess). And it all comes together just beautifully. I'm really pretty in love with these. The mint is a little subdued compared to your normal York Pattie, but that's to be expected given there is more here than just York stuff and chocolate.

So, I'm sure you can guess I'm going to score this pretty high. It keeps me from shoving an absurd amount of candy into my face and what I do shove in is just lovely. They aren't fine cuisine or anything and they certainly represent little more than empty calories and fat, but they're tasty and a lot fewer empty calories than grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine. And the pricing doesn't seem too terrible (while it's on sale - not that I won't buy these when they're not on sale). I hate to give a "candy" product a really high score, but these are great enough that I'm going to give it a full 8.75 out of 10. I love 'em. I've bought three boxes so far and I'm sure there are more to come. They're my after lunch snacky item of choice for the moment.

Oh, and sorry there's no pic. I don't have any of them here at home and just wanted to get the review together. I might update tomorrow or something.

July 13, 2008

Still Mostly Alive

Ok, I disappeared again. It's getting to be a bad habit, but when I become worried or stressed the blog is the first thing to suffer. And I've had a number of strange and unexplained things wrong with me and it left me rather stressed. And of course in the face of stress I turned from straight up chocolate to pastries again leaning heavily on sugar cookies for my sweet fix. The past week I've felt pretty good, but when I haven't posted in like three weeks it is hard to get started again. Kind of stupid that I don't post because I feel guilty for not posting, but if everything we did made sense this would be a really strange world. Stranger, at least.

Anyway, this past week I've tucked into the new M&M's Premiums (so far I'm pleasantly surprised) and also found an unexpected bit of magic in the 100 Calorie York Peppermint Wafer Bars (reviews of both forthcoming). I normally sneer pretty hard at the 100 calorie products. They're usually just small servings of familiar products. And I haven't done the math or anything, but I'll bet you pay a stiff premium for those slimmer portions. But these York critters are (can't say magic - I used that a couple of lines ago) fabulous stuff. And they were on sale, too!

So at some point this week I'll try to post something of substance (most likely involving York Wafer Bars and maybe a trip to the Suisse Shop which I had no idea is only five minutes away from me). In the meantime I had a great article by Kate Shatzkin float into my inbox that I felt I should share. It's from the Baltimore Sun and it's about the Wacky Cake. I had no idea what it was until she referred to it as the Three-Hole Cake. I knew immediately what that was. I know I've made this recipe before, but I just can't get remember when or with who (so I was probably little). Anyway, it's a magic little recipe that is great for kids, easy to whip up with stuff you have around the kitchen already, and vegan to boot. And there are variant and complement recipes, too! Check it out.