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April 19, 2008

Agley Indeed

Well, I thought I had my computer working right again. I was wrong. I overestimated the manufacturer of the hard drive thinking that they had improved their game since the last time I bothered trying one of their drives. The track record now stands at four faulty drives - two of which were completely DOA. The longest any of the lasted before acting up was two days. The only drives from them that I haven't had problems with were the replacements for the ones I did have problems with. Way to go <insert name here>. And now you can't return your faulty hard drive to the store anymore. Oh no, you have to RMA it. What a pain. Well, I finally got frustrated and resurrected one of the old hard drives I had slagged and made it my system drive and when the new drive at last arrived I just set it up as a massive data store. I'm going to run full diagnostics on it before I put a lot of faith in it. And trust me when I say I'm done with this company. Sick to death of fighting to get my computer back together and sick of a company with such an amazing failure rate.

While it was working, before the drive went away again, I had worked on some stuff for the blog. Yeah, those things are gone now. I'll try and get things back to normal this week. In the meantime....

So this weekend has been one of those "don't leave the couch for anything" sort of weekends with a geek twist to it (watching a large chunk of a "drama" which isn't really a drama and will not be named here) and munching on tasty stuff. But for this to work right I needed something to eat for dinner and I needed dessert. So I made a brief run out for supplies for my little geek holiday. And I realized on the way home that what the little holiday really needed was brownies. So I swung by Sugardaddy's for to pick me up some treats. And the signage in the window confused me. There was a cheesecake in one picture. And truffles in another. Seems that they have some new products in Sugardaddy land. The cheesecake tastes quite nice and the truffles, based on their brownie flavors, sound quite good. Haven't tried them yet, but trust me I will (got one of each of their eight varieties - I'm weak like that). I didn't take home a cheesecake, though. I had some Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip ice cream in the car and wasn't ready to commit myself to that much overload in one weekend. It's chocolate obsession, not chocolate overdose.

*EDIT*They're BROWNIE truffles. Sort of a magical hybrid of brownies and truffles. Hrm. Truffownies? Brownuffles? Yeah, I suppose brownie truffles works.*EDIT*

Chocolate Overdose. That would be a good domain. Hmm... I've been thinking about picking up a few new domains lately. It all sort of started out of an idea for a April Fools thing. I didn't want to simply rickroll everybody, I wanted to do something fun. Next year, oh yes, next year I have some fun planned.

And I tried this wine today. It's red wine with "the flavor of dutch cocoa" or something similar. It's got a mouthfeel like Bailey's, but the taste is a little different. Kind of a slightly alcoholic hot chocolate that isn't hot. And it has a slight cherry undercurrent to it. Pretty tasty, but reading the back revealed the horrible truth: no chocolate at all. The wine was wine and the cream was cream, but the flavors were artificial. Tsk tsk.

What else? I still can't find those darn Mint M&M's. Nowhere I look. It's getting depressing. I suppose when the movie comes out I'll find them everywhere, but for now I can't find bag one. It makes me sad. Haven't seen the Starbucks chocolate yet either. Need to find and try.

Administrative Professionals week is this next week. If you got an admin in your world hook 'em up with some of the good stuff. Most people appreciate chocolate. It tastes better than flowers.

Saw this recipe float through the in box and had to share. It's got bacon. And chocolate of course. But bacon. In cookies no less. Sounds interesting. And I'll try most things at least once.

If you live in the San Fran area you NEED to get on the Charles Chocolate mailing list. There have been a couple of great in-store events that have crossed my inbox in recent weeks and if I lived out there I would have gone for sure.

It's not chocolate, but there are these Cinnamon Fire Twizzlers running around out there and if you like the whole hot cinnamon candy thing then these are really pretty darn good. Very pleasantly surprised by them.

Ok, that's all I've got for now. I have to attack my email sometime (running it from my iPhone has limits). I promise to talk chocolate and beer soon, but the subject frustrates me. And some reviews are due along the way. I'll see what I can work up. The computer still needs some work before it's up to where I want it to be and in theory I'm on vacation next weekend, but we'll see what I can fit in.

Oh, and there is another local brownie I need to address. I picked up one of theirs at my favorite gourmet market (ooh, it sounds so snooty when I say it - and the place is anything but snooty) and quite liked it. I need to be trying more.

Here's to hoping I haven't made any glaring spelling or grammar errors, cause I certainly am NOT going to proof it. The couch: she beckons.

'nite all!

April 3, 2008

Review: Wildly Cherry M&M's

Ok, so I had been planning on writing up a formal review of the Wildly Cherry M&M's and had, on multiple occasions, promised that it was forthcoming. And then I sat down to write it and realized that I really didn't have a lot to say. There really isn't a lot to say about them.

So, tearing into the bag you are met by a slight cherry aroma. Not bad and not overpowering. The M&M's themselves are of both varying size and varying shades of red. Some are no bigger than a normal M&M and some are monstrous huge. Most are well above average size and most tend away from the really dark red. The darkest ones seem to be the biggest ones and I guess that was by design. Anyway, they are big so you get that much more chocolate in each one and that's a nice little bonus. The taste is really nice. The cherry flavor isn't super-strong, but more of a background flavor. And since it isn't quite so front-and-center you don't get any sense of it being overly fake. It doesn't come across as overly genuine either, but it doesn't scream FAKE at you and that's a good thing. And finally the aftertaste. The Razzberry M&M's had an aftertaste that I just couldn't stand. With these the only aftertaste I'm getting is of milk chocolate. The cherry fades and all that is left is a little hint of milk chocolate.

So they don't have any of the weaknesses that I found in the Razzberry M&M's and are quite enjoyable. Overally I'd be forced to call that a win. I don't really like to have more than a few at a time, but I do enjoy them. As they are a nice step up from the annoyance of the Razzberry I'm going to give them a 7.5 out of 10. They aren't perfect and are far from "fine chocolates", but they do the job and do it nicely.

Now I'm looking forward to trying the Mint Crisp M&M's that they are releasing in a Indiana Jones cross-promotion. Seems to me it's time to start hitting the drug stores again. I do love to hunt for chocolate.