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February 26, 2008

What Happened Here?

Yeah, it’s been about forever since I last posted. Something stressful has been going on and I’ve been in comfort food mode which generally means very little in the way of chocolate. Not that it wasn’t there. I just sort of turned my attention to the baked goods and there was quite often a chocolate component to the particular baked good. It just wasn’t the sort of thing I was going to be posting about. Chocolate mousse cake and beer sort of thing. And if it wasn’t a baked good then it was more likely than not whatever I could find at the grocery store (which really wasn’t a whole lot - the bar I wanted just wasn’t on the shelf).

The stress has died down a bit compared to what it was and I’m really kind of getting things back to normal and getting some chocolate back into my life. So this is sort of my getting over my non-posting guilt and serving notice that I’m sort of back more or less. I’m itching for some good chocolate and will be heading down to Jungle Jim’s to look for some stuff to snack on and I’ve still got an item or two collecting dust around the home or that I’ve eaten and not really talked about.

So, yeah, sorry I’ve not been posting, but life is like that sometimes.