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Hot Chocolate Week: Day FOURTEEN

Tonight we finally reach the end of the road for the sprawling fourteen day Hot Chocolate Week. It’s been a long “week” and I’m really pretty relieved to see it end. It's been taxing. The final review of the week will be of the Marie Belle Dark Aztec Hot Chocolate. It might just be a bit of a short review. Turns out there isn’t a lot of new ground to cover.

Earlier this week I looked at the “normal” Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate and I was quite impressed with the extremely chocolaty drink. Tonight’s entrant is a variation on the original that brings a much higher cacao content to the mix. The normal variety is made with 63% cacao content chocolate and the dark variety steps that up to 72%. Not much else is different. You end up with a cup of thick, dark, hot chocolate, or in this case, thick hot dark chocolate. It hits you like a liquid chocolate hammer. It’s pure chocolate start to finish. The ingredients on the tin are applicable to their entire line of hot chocolates so I don’t know if there are any spices in it or not, but I’m rather doubting it. I’m not tasting any here and I think I need to revisit the other because of this. I’m not sure if the hint of spice I tasted last time was really there or a side effect of having just drank a cup of the Chuao or if some spice transferred on the whisk or something. But the mistakes of the past week are a topic for another day (tomorrow actually). Tonight’s hot chocolate mixes up thick, but smooth and may even be too strong for some. Not for me, though. I like it strong and as such am scoring this at a nice solid 9 out of 10. If you like your chocolate dark, this isn’t likely to disappoint.

Ah, it’s over at last. Tomorrow I’m going to put together a bit of a postlude (or postmortem) for the whole affair and look back at a few of the mistakes I made and look forward to what I’m going to do to fix them. Then it's time to talk holiday chocolate.


Josey Said:

awww no review of Vosges? ;_;

William Said:

I forgot about Vosges when I was ordering things (yes, it was painfully stupid to do) and I'm kicking myself for it. I really wish I had some, but it's going to have to wait for later. Not much later, though. I'm itching to try it.

Kat Said:

I hope I can get my hands on this one at our Neiman Marcus in Hawaii. That's also where I get some of the Vosges' that I've tried.

Dani Said:

I love your browser icon! that's really good definition for a tiny little picture.

I really liked reading this series about hot chocolates. I am having a lot of fun pointing this one out to people at our local chocolate cafe and telling them about what a great review it got from you. And it's nice to see something a little different - not just reviews, but an ongoing exploration of something like hot chocolate. I've been reading a lot of candy-type sites lately and sometimes they blur together a little bit, but not here!

I'm starting my own candy review site (hopefully it will be chocolate-heavy, because chocolate is the Best Thing Ever) and I would love to trade links with you if you're interested. If not, then at least I've made someone else aware that I started a website :) It's http://candyrecapper.com - it only has five reviews up right now but it's growing! I don't know if it would be considered a blog or not. I'm thinking about creating an official blog that's separate from the reviews, but the whole blog-versus-website-of-postings thing confuses me. oh well, I'm sure it'll become clear eventually :)

William Said:

Ok, I just COMPLETELY misread your url as candycrapper (totally missed the RE in there). *embarassed*

Lets see.... the icon I made with a little online tool for making favicons (not sure that's the one, but it turns out good results) and I was absolutely thrilled with how nice it turned out. The other ones I tried making (M&M's with CO on them) didn't turn out as nice, but as good as the kiss turned out I had to use it.

On to your site. Snark is good! There isn't enough of it out there and candy is a very snark-worthy subject. I try to avoid it here because I have a tendency toward snarkiness and I don't want to poison a blog about something I love with overwhelming snark.

As for what constitutes a blog I got no clue what to tell you. I decided that I was going to be straying from any sort of focus regularly enough that blog was a more fitting category. Separating things to keep everything nicely focused works well, too. I see it a good bit these days and it helps keep things nice and separate and organized. So, yeah, either way is good.

Anyway, I'm at work and have to get back to the grind.

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