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Mini Review: m&m's Pirate Pearls

It took me most of the day and trips to 8 different stores, but I finally found a bag of m&m's Pirate Pearls. I had a lot of errands to run though, so it wasn't like I spent the entire day searching for them, only about an hour or so and it was a fun day shopping around town. Not a big deal, I got what I was after in the end. So, now that I've got them it's time to see if they deliver the goods.

These weren't quite what I expected. The white chocolate flavor isn't as strong as I expected and I don't know if that's what I like about them or not. As mild as the white chocolate is I think it would be lost without the shell, but with the shell it is pretty nice. I have to agree with David at Candy Addict on this one: you can taste the shell and the candy is better for it. Not entirely to my taste (white chocolate is a hit or miss thing with me), but still not bad at all. If forced to give it a score I'd give it a solid 7. Not something I'll eat every day, but when the mood takes me it's not a bad way to snack.


cybele Said:

Hmm, I have gone to eight stores looking for them too, but with less success.

I might just end up ordering the whole pirate set on the internet.

But I also saw Nicole on Slashfood kinda liked the Australian ones. ... I guess I won't know until I try them.

I'm thinking maybe they would be good mixed in with other M&Ms - so you'd have some variety.

Sereena X Said:

I still don't want to try those M&Ms, but my hatred for white chocolate has softened a bit. The Godiva assortment I mentioned on my blog included some white chocolate-covered hazelnut praline choices that were very good. I liked the dark and milk hazelnut ones better, though. (I thought pralines were some kind of glazed nut, not a marzipan-type filling...)

sex goddess Said:

where can i find a big bag of the pirate pearls in the north shore area of MA????

william Said:

I sure can't give you much to go on. Locally (Ohio) we've had big end cap displays of all of the varieties start showing up at our grocery stores so if you are patient and scour the grocery stores (the ends of each aisle, the promoitons aisle, and the dead area between groceries and checkout) you will likely find some. It really looks like this is getting a big push.

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