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D Is For Dark Chocolate Dipped Cookies with Peppermint Creme

Today, in honor of Slashfood's D-Day, we have the York Dark Chocolate Dipped Cookies with Peppermint Creme up for review. Whew! That is one l-o-n-g name. I bought these out of curiosity and an eternal love of York Peppermint Patties while on safari this weekend and I just had to bust into them last night. My initial thought is that this is the York/Hershey answer to the Girl Scout's Thin Mints. Take a chocolate cookie, layer on some York gunk and coat the entire mess in dark chocolate and this cookie is the result. So just how good are they?

The cookies smell great. The aroma reminds me of Thin Mints, which isn't surprising in the least. The cookie inside is crisp and the chocolate is passably decent and the York stuff is York stuff and therefore good. All together i's pretty darn good. Just not quite Thin Mint good. Close though. The next cookie went into the freezer. I love frozen Thin Mints with a passion so I figure if I'm going to use them as the gold standard I should really test the York cookie the same way I enjoy my Thin Mints. I have to say that they are really good frozen, nearly as good as a Thin Mint and not as tooth-breakingly hard as a frozen York Peppermint Patty. But again, it still comes in behind the mighty Thin Mint.

So in the end, what do we have? We have something that is almost as good as a Thin Mint and theoretically available all year round. In terms of taste the Thin Mint wins, but I can't go out and buy a box of Thin Mints any time I feel like it (though they do lurk in my freezer about six months out of the year). I can go out and buy a box of York cookies at the grocery store and that counts for a lot. But the one thing I think that makes me really prefer the Thin Mints is serving size, and it's really a mental thing for me. The serving size is almost identical in terms of weight, but the York cookies are twice the size of a Thin Mint so you only get two in a serving as opposed to four Thin Mints. The York also has twenty extra calories, all in the form of fat (horror!). While I'm not one to shy away from a little fat, it is one more minor mark against the York cookies.

One final annoyance I find with them is on their website. They say that they are available in "2 oz. single serve packages of four cookies" but when you go to look at the nutritional information you find that the serving size is two cookies and there are two servings in their so-called "single serve package". That sort of thing just bugs me. So wonderfully consistent. I'm not going to hold it against them in their score, though. I just find it annoying.

Overall the cookies are good. I can't argue with taste and I like these cookies. The "smaller" portion size and higher fat content when compared to Thin Mints are disappointing. I'd rather eat 4 smaller cookies than 2 larger ones. I have to go with a score of 7.5 for these. They are good cookies, but I want more and I still prefer Thin Mints (which, for comparison's sake I would probably rate an 8.5).


cybele Said:

How can you prefer the fake chocolate of thin mints! (Okay, I'm a huge thin mints fan, too.)

I loved these cookies and even though they're more expensive, when I buy them in the single serving pack, I know I'm only going to eat four instead of a whole tower of them.

I'm still hesitant to call them "cookies" (we don't call Twix cookies) so if you think of them as a candy bar with a cookie center, you could do far worse.

William Said:

I think it's the dryness of Thin Mints that I like (how weird is that?). They're frighteningly like potato chips. You just keep reaching for another. I don't know what that addictive thing about them is but I have to take a specific number of them or I'll drop a sleeve before I know what's going on. In the end they probably win due to an emotional edge since I've been eating them since I was little (thirty years of good memories tied up in the cookie).

If I had one handy to compare last night the review might have gone differently, but in my head they're better.

Leslie Said:

Where in the world can I buy these York Peppermint Cookies? I live in Fort Myers, Florida and cannot find them anywhere.

William Said:

Every grocery store around me has them (ignoring the Whole Foods and Wild Oats type of animal). I've even found them in gas stations in the single serving pack. I don't know if Fort Myers is just unlucky or what, but since I first saw them I've been tripping over them all the time.

carol shaw greger Said:

Can you put a thin mint into cookies and freeze them after they are baked?

ebeth Said:

Can't find these cookies anymore where I live...HELP!

ebeth Said:

Can't find these cookies anymore where I live...HELP!

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